In spring 2016, we operated from 6th May to 29th May for 24 days.

Here is the summary graph to show the number of birds ringed in spring 2016.

Below table shows the number (3-day tally) of birds ringed at Zuunbayan in May 2016.

Arctic warbler0001211134884
Barn swallow000000101
Black-faced bunting1313277731
Blue robin000002013
Brown flycatcher0000201811
Brown shrike000011531635
Chestnut bunting000000011
Common magpie002130107
Common redstart001100002
Common rosefinch00101152432
Common whitethroat000010225
Common reed bunting000002002
Daurian redstart71346351241
Dusky thrush1144200012
Dusky warbler010120111640
Eurasian wryneck020001003
Eyebrowed thrush001101126
Grey wagtail002100003
Japanese Sparrowhawk000100001
Lesser whitethroat1103401414
Little bunting68934300666
Meadow bunting330000006
Naumann`s thrush115167000039
Northern wheater001000001
Olive-backed pipit2322001111
Pallas`s leaf warbler0100830012
Pallas`s reed bunting0311601012
Pine bunting61144020027
Pintailed snipe000100001
Red-flanked bluetail010000001
Red-throated thrush012100004
Richard's pipit000001304
Siberian accentor100000001
Siberian rubythroat0002322110
Siberian stonechat000310004
Spotted flycatcher000000011
Taiga flycatcher2015121382355
Tree sparrow0100736320
White`s thrush100000001
Yellow-breasted bunting000000022
Yellow-browed warbler30022218137

In 2015, we operated from 8 May to 25 May for only 18 days.

Here is the summary graph to show the number of birds ringed in spring 2015.

Below table shows the number (3-day tally) of birds ringed at Zuunbayan in May 2015.

Arctic warbler0000214162.8
Black-faced bunting1011253223.8
Brown accentor00001010.2
Brown shrike00001561.0
Chestnut bunting00010010.2
Citrine wagtail00100010.2
Common magpie20102050.9
Common rosefinch00002791.6
Common whitethroat0000110111.9
Daurian redstart17610441427.3
Dusky thrush2110011152.6
Dusky warbler0000624305.2
Eurasian sparrowhawk10130050.9
Eurasian wryneck10000010.2
Eyebrowed thrush0188600325.6
Grey wagtail00101240.7
Lesser whitethroat00340291.6
Little bunting172444165411019.2
Long-tailed rosefinch01000010.2
Naumann`s thrush0715660345.9
Olive-backed pipit01000010.2
Pallas`s leaf warbler00000220.3
Pallas`s reed bunting804100132.3
Pine bunting711112132.3
Red-flanked bluetail20000020.3
Red-throated thrush01000010.2
Siberian accentor923100152.6
Siberian rubythroat00000771.2
Siberian stonechat02300161.0
Taiga flycatcher433621371411520.0
Tree pipit00000220.3
Tree sparrow610026152.6
White`s thrush00110020.3
Yellow-browd warbler224647254.4
Grand Total88711477381114574100.0